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Kashmiri Embroidery

The Kashmiri embroidery commonly known with its traditional name “Kashidakari” This embroidery is beautiful as Kashmir itself. Kashmir is a beautiful plae in northern India, known for its natural beauty. Kashmir embroidery and shawls are well known for the beauty of color, texture and design.


Colors –

Colors used in kashmiri embroidery are:-

1) white – sufed

2) green – zingari

3) purple- uda

4) blue- ferozi

5) yellow- zard

6) black- mushki

7) crimson- gulmor

8) scarlet- kirmiz.

Motifs –

The motifs used in kashmiri embroidery is mostly taken from nature.

Bird motifs used are parrot, canary, woodpecker and kingfisher.

Floral motifs used are iris, lotus, lily, tulip and saffronflower.

Other designs are grapes plums, almonds and cherries. The Chinar leaf is an important motif. Butterfly designs are also found.

Fabric used for doing kashmiri embroidery are silk, wool, cotton, and threads used are wool and silk.


Used in this embroidery are satin stitch, chain stitch, long and short. Herring bone stitch and darning stitches are used occasionally.

Other stitches used are known as:-

1) Vata Chickan- Button Hole

2) Doria- Open Work

3) Talaibar- Gold Work

4) Zalakdozi- Chain Stitch

5) Rafooqani Or Darning Stitch

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