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Embroidery Stitches

Embroidery is the decoration which is used to make the surface beautiful by using threads. This is done by careful selection of embroidery stitches, design and colors and by this a striking effect can be created. With embroidery a new look can be given to old clothes.

Basic embroidery stitches are easy. By combining many different embroidery stitches you can create a rich embroidered piece.

Women loves making embroidery and it is known as feminine craft but now a day’s men are also taking interest in embroidery.  Embroidery together brings creativity, artistic skill and sensitivity by using different colors and patterns.  Some women do embroidery for time pass and some make this as their profession. In embroidery types of materials are used like fabrics, leather, canvas, paper etc, to do embroidery on it.

There are so many arts of thread which are very decorative. A thread is a simple yarn which is used to sew but it is man who developed many other ways to use the threads to make decorative things.

These great hobbies are enjoyed to pass the time but some people use there hobby as their profession as well. Technically arts of thread is the art to decorate fabrics or other materials with needle and thread. Under these arts of thread many art work comes these are :

1. Embroidery
2. Crochet
3. Appliqué


Embroidery is an art of thread which decorates the fabric. Embroideries can be done with beads, pearls and zari work to make fabrics more beautiful and attractive. Through centuries embroiders had experienced with the materials available to them. Embroidery has been used for many purposes:

1) To commemorate public or private events.
2) To express ideas.
3) To indicate rank.
4) To tell stories.
5)  To celebrate the beauty of the natural world.


Crochet is an art in which fabric is made with the help of crochet hook. The “crochet “is derived from French in which “crochet” means “hook”.

Crocheted material is started by placing a slip-knot loop on the hook, pulling other loop through the first loop, by repeating this process it creates chains. These rows of chains are worked in rows or make circles by joining the last chain in the beginning with the slip stitch. By working many stitches into a loop circles can be created. In this stitches are made by pulling one or more loops through each chain .At the end only one loop is left on the hook.


Appliqué work is an art of fabrics in which cut outs of the fabric are used to decorate the big piece of fabric. It decorates plain and pale looking fabrics .To start an appliqué work these supplies are used: Scissors, threads ,needles, pins and two different color fabrics.

Types Of Appliqué:

a)  Straight stitch appliqué
b)  Satin stitch appliqué
c)  Reverse applique


Line stitches:

a) Running stitch
b) Back stitch
c) Stem stitch
d) Split stitch
e) Couching
f) Herring bone stitch
g) Double herring bone stitch
h) Ladder stitch

Chain, Fly And Button hole Stitches:

a) Chain stitch
b) Heavy chain stitch
c) Double chain stitch
d) Alternating or checkered chain stitch
e) Cable chain stitch
f) Rosette chain stitch
g) Wheat stitch
h) Fly stitch – horizontal
i)  Fly stitch – vertical
j)  Feather stitch
k) Blanket stitch
l) Button hole stitch
m) Button hole wheels

Detached stitches and knots:

a) Lazy daisy
b) Seed stitch
c) Spider web – ribbed
d) Bullion knots
e) French knots
f)  Colonial knots
g)  Oyster stitch
h)  Drizzle stitch
i)   Woven picot

Filling stitches:

a) Fish bone stitch
b) Cretan stitch
c) Detached buttonhole filling
d) Satin stitch
e) Long and short stitch
f)  Lattice work

To Begin An Embroidery You Should Have:

1) Fabric.
2) Scissor.
3) Thread.
4) Needles.
5) Embroidery Frame.

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